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The GoalIT Bundle

1. GoalIt RoadMap: 6 Steps to Successfully set, execute, achieve and assess your Life & Business Goals

2. Goals to Plan WorkSheet: Long term goals Workbook to identify, set and break down 10y goals down to 1y goals

3. BossMa Short Goals Smasher Pack: Handy WorkSheets to flesh out 1y goals all the way down to Daily goals

4. Trumping my Next Week WorkSheet: Win your next week in Business with this end of week Key learnings & upcoming goals capture Worksheet

5. GoalIt Reflection CheckList: Regularly reflect on your goals journey with this exhaustive Reflection Checklist

6. Measuring Goals Checklist for Mumpreneurs: Checklist to assess and measure your goals strategy and execution

7. GoalIt Bundle_Backend WorkSheets: Google sheets to keep you and your goals journey organized, methodical and systematic
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Get this bundle to understand, set & plan your long & short term goals for Life and/or Business.

We shall be using The GoalIT Bundle Template at the Workshop to help you master goal-setting.

Grab this today & work with us on this during the workshop. And this is how you take full advantage of a Workshop too, sista!
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