Let׳s Work Together

"Act As If What You Do Makes A Difference. It Does."

- William James, American Philosopher, Historian, Psychologist -

With your one small, consistent step towards Solo entrepreneurship, or working with us to mobilize the mums in your community, or bringing in our heads, hands and hearts together for Rural women entrepreneurship, WE together can make that difference. without needing to ACT it!

Let’s get started. 

Pick your How, and we shall show you OUR HOW! 🙂

Let's Get Clear

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions on how & where to move? Check out our most popular FAQs compiled here!

If you are a Solpreneur / Home business owner, start from our Solo Studio, for freebies, self-help resources & products to get your started on planning your Small business.

If you are a Mumpreneur / Women Group Owner, our Community Business Masterclasses are perfect to engage & support your community women on a specific top deep dive for 1-5 days sessions.

If you are a Startup, NGO, Corporate, Investor, Philanthropist, Rural Women mobilizer, head over to our Rural Women Entrepreneurship, to donate or join us on our our mission to mobilize Rural Women & Mothers towards Financial stability via Small business.

We believe the world is our community & our family 🙂 You can reach us on our email , follow us on our Social channels & get on our monthly Newsletter for empowering updates on how we are leveling the playing field for women/mum-owned businesses!

We love Business freebies as much as you do! Find more here! 🙂 

  1. Start thinking about your passion /hobby that would love to turn into a profitable home business. 
  2. Head to Solo Studio, access all resources to plan your successful Small-biz journey. Reach us for any support you need on this.
  3. Buy our hand picked & snazzy Merchandise    and pay it forward to mothers & women who are starting small businesses in Rural India. We are proud & privileged to support them via our earnings from the Merchandise you buy from us – so go ahead, shop for our Rural Moms! 🙂
  4. Spread the word about  BossMa & our various initiatives with your friends & family. We love our & your moms! We want mothers happy, healthy, productive & profitable! 🙂