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Launch that small or home business, side hustle, passion project, while nurturing your sweet babies or family.

We here at BossMa are on a mission to educate, enable & empower women like you to gain clarity, confidence, and comfort in planning, starting, launching, running & scaling Small and Home Businesses.

At your own pace, on your own terms, from your own home. Be your own Boss!

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4 Steps to Specific Business Transformation!


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Paying it Forward

Shop at BossMa Store & support Rural women in business.

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Browse & shop for our much-loved clothing & accessories, not just to remind you to keep enjoying woman-hood & entrepreneurship every step of the way.

But also to gently nudge you to pay it forward.

For every purchase you make, 10% goes to driving a rural woman’s business in India.

Support us in supporting our sisters in Bharat! 

Explore our Blog

Keep up to date with the latest trends and best practices for Women running businesses.

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Moms Mastering Entrepreneurship

Moms Are Very Well Positioned To Be Super Entrepreneurs. Why Then Do They Struggle To Get A Business Off The Ground, And More Importantly How Can They Play To Strengths And Master Entrepreneurship?

We Find Out!

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Support Small September Campaign

Small and home businesses live and thrive when the ecosystem allows for it. In order for the ecosystem to be nurturing, we shall need rampant action with open hearts and hands to support them.

We do a quick run of what we, at BossMa have in store for you this whole of September! 😍🎯

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