Business Reflection


By taking the time to reflect, you shall to identify your wins, and losses as a business owner, to ensure you improve your performance, and productivity and set solid goals for the next year!

Download the Business Reflection 2023 fillable doc here and get going on reflecting & ending 2023 on a high note as a Business owner!

Brand Story


Brand Story Canvas helps identify & gain direction on working on different parts of a Brand story.

Download the Brand Story Canvas now to get clarity on the story elements for your brand.



Customer Persona is one of the most critical parts of Business Foundations. Who are you pitching and selling to - what are their pains that are on their minds 24/7? A clear crafted Customer Persona lays out the framework for your Business plan, launch strategy and later Marketing plan.

Download this freebie right away and get going on the specifics of your own Customer Persona.

Find my


Niche is your segmented market that you offer your product or service to. Determining your niche is the first steps to getting clarity on where to showcase and market your offerings.

Get clear on your niche with this ready to fill Niche Determination Worksheet.

Strategy Sunday


Chakra-aligned Business strategies - to ensure overall balanced, aligned small or home business. Nurture, grow and scale your business, while enjoying the journey as a solopreneur! It is doable & we show you how!

1 Tip - 1 Tool - 1 Technique to educate, enable & empower you to be a smarter & more strategic Solopreneur.

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