November 6, 2022

4 Steps to Understanding Buyer Persona

Have you ever wondered how some businesses succeed without even targeting some specific type of customers? While you may also have seen some businesses which target a huge community base but still don’t get the results they expect. So, why does this ambiguity exist? Why is the effort paid in targeting and marketing mostly not equal to the product sold? Let's dive in and discover easy ways to deeply understand Buyer Persona.

The above heading says all about today’s topic. Now, what is this “Buyer’s Persona”? And this term brings up some more related terms like what is this “Ideal customer avatar”? This all seems a little bit out of scope, but believe me, it is ‘the scope’ of marketing and selling.

A Buyer’s Persona is no complex but just an imaginary representation of a practical customer for your venture. They are divided based on many factors such as their gender, their goals, likes and dislikes, their expectations, hope for the future and so on. There are many things you can expect from a customer.

Understanding the buyer’s persona and nailing this topic is what you should do in order to increase the customer base. This will not only ensure a huge group ready to buy from you but also it’ll connect them with you mentally and emotionally. Buyer’s persona is not just about B2C ventures but also it is as efficient in B2B businesses. In order to master this skill, I must say, you’ve to follow some key elements which form the basis for it. As follows:

  • Put yourself in their shoes: 

Most people create products and services for imaginary customers which don’t even exist. The first step for getting a buyer’s persona is to put yourself in the conditions and situations your customers are in. This will help you get the right mentality of how the customer will think if they are presented with your product. And do this unbiasedly, as if you are a third person out of business. Being in other’s shoes gives you the reason why they’ll need you and your services, why can you be a person who solves their problems. And how you can be better than the other competitors out there. It is not a battle, but still you have to connect with your customers emotionally so that they can trust you forever! A simple example of such a company is TATA Industries, whether you say or not, majority Indians and citizens of other countries trust this company more than their competitors. To know more watch this video.


  • Believe in creating value rather masses:

The above statement says it all. You’ve to learn how to create value rather than going with producing in mass. Because if you know how to create the right product for the right audience, you’ll reach out to them without much effort. While the opposite is also true. You may have seen ‘Naaptol’ advertisements and more like that. I don’t know for the present, but we used to get a lot of these ads when I used to watch Television. But still, not even for a single moment I thought of buying from them 😂. They may have created products in masses, but not in quality. Companies like TATA, Tesla, Apple create products that are compared on the basis of quality with their counter competitors. This is so true as people are willing to pay a lot of money just to get the right product for them. You don’t see their ads like that with Naaptol, right? I know your answer. If you want to learn about how to create value, you can watch this video and read this article.


  • Learn to get feedbacks:

Feedbacks, I must say, are so important as they let you know about the loopholes in your business. They are a key element which connects you with your customers. And seriously, try to respond to those feedbacks. And let me clarify what actual feedback means. A real feedback is not what you see in hotels and hospitals, they are just some sort of ratings. A true feedback is something more about what the customer feels about the services you offer. If they face any problem, then it becomes your duty to resolve it. And continuous problems and not resolving them leads to shifting of the customer base from yours to your competitor. Feedback is so important like doing the R&D for your company. If you want to learn how to take feedback, then read this article.


  • Research up a lot: 

This thing is really important. Doing things without researching before sometimes leads to big disasters. You gotta take a look at how the market trends are going for the present and how they can be predicted for the future. You have to research how the new technology can be adopted in your business. Research cannot be just described in a few words. If you want to read more, click here.

Ideal Customer Avatar?

According to Forbes, the simple definition for this term is:

“Your ideal customer avatar is a customer profile that is a best-case scenario for your business”. 

This definition says that, Ideal customer avatar is nothing but the best case scenario of ‘Buyer’s persona’, if you know it very well. 

Ideal customer is someone imaginary who is your regular customer, who buys from you regularly and you can act based on their behavior. If you want to create an ideal customer avatar, you only gotta do the research on their motivations, their hopes and their expectations from you. This creates a stunning growth in your business research as now you know how your customer thinks and how you can sell more. Or you can head to our Freebies page & get Plug-nPlay Customer Avatar template here. 

There’s also one thing important to note called as: Call To Action. 

Call to action is like the motto or slogan line of your business, like Nike have, “Just do it” and Apple had, “Think Different”.

These calls to action motivate the customers to think in a revolutionary manner and take decisions accordingly. It is a very good way to market as you are directly entering their emotions. And when the logic fails, emotions take over. People sometimes become crazy to buy those items and later on realize that they don’t even want the thing in the first place, so you can think how important ‘call to action’ is for every business. To write a good call to action for your business, check this article out.

There’s also another meaning of ‘call to action’, which is used in technical terms and I think it would be beneficial to look after it as well.

Have you ever subscribed to any youtube channel?

Yeah, that is another example of a “call to action” thing.

This call to action is no different than engaging your customers with you for a long time. It could be through subscribing to your channel or email newsletters so that they’ll get new updates from your venture, it can also be that ‘download now’ or ‘buy now’ buttons as well.

In call to action, as the words are saying, we’re calling people to take action on business, websites or some other public service platform. What would you love for your readers/audiences/ customers to do next?

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