Simplifying Entpreneurship & Motherhood.

BossMa Product Bundles provide a clear, jargon-free framework for launching your Small Business in a stress free manner!

What is inside a Product Bundle?

Meet our Plug-n-Play Small/Home Business Bundles, Customized by MomPreneuers, for MomPreneurs.

Typically we have 6 mini products inside a Business Bundle.
And definitely a surprise for our Mompreneur! 🙂

All these products are Product-Bundle specific!


Custom built roadmaps to demystify entrepreneurship & bring focus on macro level strategy for your Business, specific to your Product Bundle.


Handy worksheets to quick decide and do what is essential to next step in your Business, specific to your selected Product Bundle. Swift work-arounds and flow of things to do or reflect upon before doing – these worksheets include all that. 


Workbooks to enable you to flesh out clear strategic goals & ensure progress, specific to your Product Bundle. Workbooks do that quick deep dive into your Business focus area.


Strategically & sensibly hacking your way into Business is achieved via these carefully put together CheatSheets for mumpreneurs looking to learn tricks of the trade quickly & smartly! 


Checklists educate you on the dos, don’ts, and the hows and help make sense while optimizing mulitple tasks/objectives, in an easy & orderly manner.


Google Docs & sheets to keep track of your current state, progress & transformed state of Business. This BackEnd bundle comes as multiple sheets in one file, and have been super popular amongst mompreneurs for keeping them organized, on track & on top of things.