Urban Mums Mobilization


Communities of women & mums aspiring to start and scale a small business or side hustle from home, benefit greatly from our themed Mini bootcamps

Themes vary widely from finding/fleshing out business ideas to developing established channels to customer acquisition & retention to mindset, maintaining growth/entrepreneurial mindset to networking to BazaarDay sessions – all for mothers with small / home businesses!

We have Startup, business and life coaches, mentors, Women leaders from different spheres, and diverse background experience, Finance and Marketing professionals who shall hold sessions for Urban mums to ace in their small business running. Our Founder, Madhavi Shapeti does the first and last session runs of these themed Bootcamps. 

The content is specifically tailored to ensure easy understanding, relevant bite sized, practical tips, tricks, hacks to apply into home/small business on the fly!  

These sessions are by invite only for your community women/mums, with lots of freebies and of course invaluable Industry connects, to fully leverage community support & growth opportunities from you and us to your super talented women! 

‘Cos yes, we are still gung-ho about the Moms – we are intent on unleashing their full entrepreneurial potential! 🙂