Product Bundles

Clarifying Business into Bundles.

BossMa Product Bundles provide a clear, jargon-free framework for launching your Small Business in a stress free, clarified, systematic and delightful manner!

✔ Business focus-area specific 

✔ Consist of RoadMap, WorkBooks, WorkSheets, CheatSheet and Back-end Bundle of Google sheets 

✔ Strategically & earnestly crafted to ensure ease in understanding & actionable

✔ Can be incorporated into any kind of business – offline/ online – services/ products / brick and mortar


✔ Use these Bundles to:

  • keep track of your current to next / transformed state
  • accountable to yourself, and
  • stay systematic and overall organized

*For best results, use common sense & logic as well, Mamma! 🙂

Product bundles BossMa women entrepreneurs startups
Each of our Product Bundles is aligned with each of the 7 Business Chakra system! Once all aligned, they hum the tunes of the Cosmos, with your Business essence, for your Mighty Small Business!
These are indicated by the different hues on the Product bundles. More on this soon! <3


Meet our Plug-n-Play Small/Home Business Bundles, Customized by MomPreneuers, for MomPreneurs.

PlanIt (pronounced Plan – It)

Swiftly & smartly plan & test your business idea instead of doubtfully prepping and launching it. 

Ensure strategic success in launching that dream biz with The PlanIt Bundle!

GoalIt (pronounced Goal – It)

Determine Long term Life & Business goals, break into Medium term & flesh out into Short term, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Goals/ Tasks. 

Get your Business back on track – The GoalIt Bundle ensures that!