August 25, 2022

Secret revealed! 10 Ways Your Business Journey Is Impacting Your Kids!

Would you believe it if I told you that your embarking on a business as a mother or parent has wondrous benefits for your kids? Here are 10 surprising secrets revealed into what your mompreneur journey is inculcating in them! Let's dive in dear mommies!

Would you believe it if I told you that your embarking on a business as a mother or parent has wondrous benefits for your kids? Here are 10 surprising secrets revealed into what your mompreneur journey is inculcating in them!!! 

Let’s dive in:


  1. Optimizing your time. As a mompreneur, you are adept at managing your time between business and baby(ies) and owning your weekend afternoons for a little snooze or your favorite activity – it is all happening right in front of the little humans in your life. As a business owner, you set aside time for work, and time for home chores, time for play, and time for yourself! Kids in turn learn to respect their and others’ time as adults. So important at work meetings and when they have kids of their own someday! 
  2. Living a passionate life. I have hardly met a mompreneur who is not passionate and purposeful about her business – just as she is towards nurturing and raising a happy and healthy family! Living life with passion, curiosity and excitement teaches kids deep lessons that this is how life is lived too – with passion, abandon, and enthusiasm
  3. Leading from the front. As a mom and a business owner, one has to lead from the front, take on unforeseen challenges head-on, and tackle team and kids’ squabbles with style and panache. All the traits for a good leader – and a mom! So double dose of leadership skills being injected right into your child while experiencing you doing this strong momma! <3
  4. Embracing failed attempts aka learning process. My husband & I do not call failure “failure”. Rather we re-frame that term as “learning or failed attempts”, and the kids know that failed attempts are the paths to learning and growing, and eventually success. A mompreneur knows very well how to embrace the not-so-good parts of her motherhood and business journey. Who better to show live how it is to live gracefully and courageously with failed attempts or living through the learning journey than a passionate and ambitious mompreneur!
  5. Storytelling Skills. If you are not entertaining and weaving your business into a story, you would not be interesting amongst our next dope-hit audience – we know that already! Storytelling is such a crucial skill that mums need to acquire during bedtime and now in business. Kids who can narrate real or imaginary stories on a prompt, on the go are going to rule the world in 8-10 years with their wild imagination, quick thinking, and creative abilities, amongst others.
  6. Risk-taking ability. We know how critical it is to take on challenges head-on and undertake calculated risks as home or small business owners. Have you thought about how this is similar to the way we do this same thing as mums as well – checking the floor around your baby as she takes her first steps away from you in the living room, assessing the swing speed in the playground. But when you are a mompreneur, you allow certain risks to unfold instead of freaking out. Kids are less averse to risks and more adaptable as adults when they have gone through this drill with their mom-bosses in childhood 🙂
  7. Living in the moment: Moms generally know how short-lived and temporary the baby stages are – one minute they have popped out of your tummy and the next moment, they are going off to the first day at Kindergarten. We know only too well how living in the moment is crucial to our babies and business existence. And who better to experience this daily than our babies themselves- and they imbibe this while growing into young adults too!
  8. Birthing Plans: As moms, we share a common love for planning ahead – especially when it comes to family vacations, trips to farms, or the zoo with your Baby Boo; and what makes this even more delightful is ensuring plans for Business idea testing, and planning launches as well! Your own kids too are transforming into master planners and strategists themselves – trust me! 🙂
  9. Goals for Business and Life: Setting and achieving goals is crucial to Business and Life success! Did you know kids who see their moms accomplish this regularly are more prone to leading successful goal-spiked lives themselves, as Goals do not overwhelm or scare them later in life! They end up being high achievers! Ask Elon Musk or any of the famous folks with high achieving and successful kids, mommas! You can check The GoalIt Bundle if you need support on this one!
  10. Big Impactful Living: Lastly, the most crucial lessons kids learn from their moms who own businesses are being positive, working hard, and making a positive impact on their families, community, society, and the world! And this cannot be taught without leading by example! This heartwarming video by Vistaprint sums up mom entrepreneurs and their kids’ experiences with #mompreneurlife! 


Cheers to Babies & Businesses! We are killin’ it mommas – however much it may not seem so on some days! 😀


What do you know your kids are picking up from you. Would love to know your take in the comments section! <3


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