The PlanIT Bundle


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PlanIt is a Planning and Testing Business Bundle.

It educates, enables & empowers you to ideate, plan & test your Business idea quickly and with minimal resources, identify your target market, whether your business offerings match with their needs, wants, desires and test your pricing strategy on your customers. 

The bundle consists of Plug and Play e-products to capture first customer-set feedback, track products sold, customer data and keep tweaking your offerings for a bigger more successful launch through e-products of this PlanIt Bundle. You can call this a get-me-ready-to-test-in-market Bundle.

PlanIt Bundle contents:

  • PlanIt RoadMap: 5 Steps to Plan your soft entry into your target market with your product/service idea
  • Business Idea Whetting CheckList: Checklist to plan and test your business idea before your soft launch
  • Costing Overview Worksheet: Manage your costing, expenses for new product or service, raw materials, suppliers, time needed etc.. with this Costing Worksheet
  • Pricing Overview Worksheet: Finalize your pricing strategy for test products/ services with this Pricing Worksheet
  • My Offer CheckList: Offer checklist to ensure you have covered all bases before your market launch
  • Market Channels WorkSheet: Capture key elements on how your competitors are capturing their markets
  • PlanIt Bundle_Backend WorkSheets: Google sheets to keep you and your business organized, methodical and systematic


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PlantIt Bundle takes away all this guess-work and educates, enables and empowers you to plan and test a smaller launch in your actual market with your actual customers. You can do this and plan your actual Big launch with this PlanIt Bundle!


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