BossMa Bharat Bootcamps are specifically directed towards women/mothers in Tier 2 & 3 cities and beyond in the rural interiors. We work passionately, purposefully and closely with mentors, coaches, facilitators, startups, the State and Central governments to ensure seamless translation of our vision into inspired action & execution by our teams and the women in the Bootcamp.

The Bharat Bootcamps are 6-8 week short sprint programs, where women undergo skill training in an area which is passionate to her, or for which she has existing skills. These could range from candle making, bamboo handicraft making, Herbal bath and body products manufacture on small scale, Solar lamps making, Dry masalas, snacks, beverage premixes making etc.. 

Our team puts together customized plans to run these Bootcamps, from start to finish with the end goal of each woman/mother securing at least 1 paying customer within first 3 months of successfully completing the bootcamp. Post bootcamp support is provided to these women/mothers, and each rural area is allocated a BossMa Saheli (friend)/Behen (sister) to direct her serious concerns to our Bharat Bootcamp team. 

Should you be called to mentor, coach, facilitate, fund and/or support us in this privileged and honorable Rural Women entrepreneurship initiatives, send us an email with your Professional profile. 

We are thrilled to welcome as many heads, hearts and hands to mobilize our Rural BossMas as possible. 🙂



Mobilizing our Rural Women/Mums!