September 2, 2022

Support Small September Campaign

Small and home businesses live and thrive when the ecosystem allows for it. In order for the ecosystem to be nurturing, we shall need rampant action with open hearts and hands to support them. We do a quick run of what we, at BossMa have in store for you this whole of September! 😍🎯

With the advent of online businesses, especially women-owned and mom businesses, support is slowly becoming plentiful over the last few years, yet there is space for anyone and everyone to contribute in ways and means that they can. 


#supportsmallseptember is an online campaign kicked off by Toni Packer, the founder of The Small Business Community. It was born on the social media platform, Instagram, three years ago, but has reached Facebook and other platforms over the last couple of years. The sole/soul mission of the online campaign is to support small businesses, tag their business handles, and generously use the hashtag #supportsmallseptember in all posts throughout September every year. More and more women and mom-owned businesses are joining this online visibility campaign to shout out, tag, and/or shine light on their favorite small or local businesses on social media platforms.


At BossMa, we launched the Support Small September campaign on September 1, 2022, with a simple registration form to collect business details of mom and women-owned businesses, that are looking for and seeking support on online social media platforms. We have been having an overwhelming response from women, all across the world. These are women who have shown a keen interest to showcase their businesses as posters, share video clips of their businesses or express to go live with us. 


BossMa’s core mission is to drive entrepreneurship amongst women, especially mothers, by educating, enabling, and empowering mothers to start small businesses or side hustles from home. Our Plug-n-Play products in different focus areas of business, are strategic, delightful, intuitive, and actionable. They support with crossing off each aspect of building, starting, and nurturing a small business or side hustle from home or anywhere in the world. A woman or mom does not need to have any entrepreneurial experience to get and implement BossMa digital products, yet has the drive and passion to start and nurture her own business. 


We have had the ultimate gratitude and privilege to be reading and hearing stories of these brave hearts, who have either started businesses during the pandemic or kept them going through the pandemic. 


The #supportsmallseptmeber campaign at BossMa has been birthed from a place of love, compassion, and deep care for these women and mothers. It has started as a mighty small spark, yet we are proud.


What we do have at our leverage is our voice and space on social media to showcase these courageous women and mothers owning their stuff at all things business – and this is what we are intending and doing this month. 


Each one of them deserves all the support, help, and love they can get on social media – to tell us their whys, share their purpose and showcase their products or services. 


Community support is crucial to small and local businesses. Our one post, one share, one follow, one review or testimonial, helps keep these businesses alive and kicking. By supporting a small business, you’re also supporting the local community. 


We shall not be going into the numerous reasons why one should be supporting small businesses; But just know that is it supremely beneficial to women, moms, communities, nations and the world we live in today. Not just for us -but for the future generations – to see our women thrive with large hearted strangers on the internet and their communities supporting them in running and nurturing her mighty small business!  


What can you do to support us with our Support Small September campaign? 


  • Register yourself to showcase your mighty small business if you are excited for a shout-out or business showcase on social media
  • Share our campaign and registration link with women who might need the boost up for their businesses – our hearts & social channels are always open 💓🎯
  • Follow us, like our Support Small September posts, and follow the businesses we are showcasing – so these women know they are loved, supported, and highly encouraged to keep nurturing their businesses! 

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